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Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Is It Too Early To Declare July 26th A National Holiday?

OK, new plan for the family summer vacation this year:
We are honored and delighted to announce that we have a very special guest [at San Diego Comic-Con] this year from Japan — Tite Kubo. This year VIZ Media is celebrating the success of his popular manga series, Bleach, and the debut of the first film, Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody.
Actually, my wife has mentioned wanting to take the kids to San Diego, only for another reason. But perhaps I could convince her to make it an extended vacation covering both highlights?

If it turns out I can't make it to SDCC, though, perhaps I can still participate in spirit:
VIZ Media is declaring Saturday, July 26th, Bleach Day in honor of our special guest. All SDCC attendees are encouraged to show their support for Mr. Kubo and Bleach by wearing their Bleach attire to the convention that day. Special prizes will be given away, and best of all, you’ll be giving Mr. Kubo a very warm welcome from his fans for his first visit ever to Comic-Con!
OK, I've just made an entry in Google Calendar to remind myself to wear my Bleach gear on Saturday, July 26th. Now I've just got to get some clothes for the kids. Wouldn't they look cute in these T-shirts? (Hey, wait a second. Bleach Day isn't just a cynical attempt on Viz's part to move more Bleach merchandise, is it? Shame on you, Viz! How dare you sully the spirit of Bleach Day like that!)

In related news, I enjoyed ICv2's article on the Tite Kubo announcement, which I felt took the appropriately reverential tone that all articles about Bleach should strive for:
What makes Bleach stand out from the other adventure-heavy shonen fantasy properties, in addition to Kubo’s swift flowing cinematic breakdowns, is the elaborate cosmology he has developed for the series with its different planes of existence (the Human World, the Soul Society, and the Hueco Mundo), its different classes of characters (Hollows, Wholes, Soul Reapers, Quincys and Mod Souls), and its intriguing high concept elements such as the “Chain of Fate” and “Hell Butterflies,” all of which add depth to the narrative.
The piece would have been even better if they'd managed to work in a discussion about the many complex themes in Bleach that elevate it above the standard shonen fare (e.g., how Hollows represent many individuals' coarsening of character and disconnect from any sense of community due to the alienating features of modern society), but I'll give them credit for at least addressing part of what makes Bleach so special.

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