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Monday, June 02, 2008
My Wife Just Doesn't Understand Me

My wife and I went to see Iron Man last night (short summary: it was OK, but I found it a little weird how ruthless Iron Man was. Yeah, his enemies were Evil Terrorists, but it's still weird to see a superhero burning people to death with huge flamethrowers. Also, that last scene of Tony Stark at the press conference had Mark Millar written all over it.) and one of the trailers was for the "special event" Bleach movie, which led to this brief, sad exchange:
Me: "Ooooo! I have to see this!!"
Wife: "You're not serious, are you?"
My only possible conclusion: Apparently, the genius of Bleach doesn't come across in a short, 30-second spot. Must encourage wife to read all twenty-three available volumes of the series so she can share in the joy that is Bleach.

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