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Friday, June 29, 2007
Moonlighting Marjane

Marjane Satrapi + children's books = two of my favorite things about reading together in one delightful package! Satrapi's Monsters Are Afraid of the Moon tells the story of a young girl bullied by monsters every night, so she cuts the moon out of the sky, hanging it in her room to ward off the monsters. Of course, this causes problems elsewhere, especially for cats, who are overrun by rats taking advantage of the total darkness to loot the city. How can order be restored while still protecting the girl from her tormentors?

"I swear, Your Majesty, there were like a thousand rats that ganged up on us!"

This really is a cute book, with plenty of kid made-up-on-the-spot-storytelling logic. And the ending has a nice fable feel to it, explaining how it was that a certain custom came to be. I look forward to reading this book to my daughter when she's a bit older.

After reading this book, I began to wonder what children's books from other comic creators would look like. Can you imagine Frank Miller's Sin City Babies? "Miho is a hooker. Miho is also a ninja. That means Miho gets to have sex with people AND kill them. Miho's work sure is interesting! Wouldn't you like to be a ninja hooker someday?"

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