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Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Linkblogging Love

I keep seeing people saying that the comics blogosphere has been too negative lately*, so here's an ALL-NEW, ALL-POSITIVE post focusing on all the shiny happy fun going on in the blogosphere!

One good thing about the whole MJ zombie controversy was discovering the Metamorphostuff blog. Ryan Day has a really engaging writing style, with a nice balance between light snark and lengthy commentary. Here are some of my favorite posts from his blog archives: his review of The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, Vol. 1; 50 Reasons Why Mainstream Superhero Comics* Just Aren't Good Enough**; and Three Cheers for Censorship!

I really enjoyed Ed Cunard's MoCCA post (even if it does inspire a little jealousy that I can't attend). Ed's rundown of everything he's looking forward to reminds me of what a great time this is to be a comic book fan, with so many great comics being created that it's hard to keep up with all of them. Here's hoping Ed posts a follow-up report after the show. Also fun: Ed's tour of his newly-designed nerdroom.

Speaking of too many good comics out there to keep up with, Dave Lartigue looks at six recent graphic novels (AKA "comics for big kids") that all sound interesting. Thank goodness my local library system is so good about adding new graphic novels to their already impressive collection.

Dave Campbell stirs up some superhero nostalgia with his look at the late, lamented Power Company series by Kurt Busiek and Tom Grummett. I even show up in comments to reminisce about one of my favorite issues from that series.

Lyle Masaki comes up with a great idea: a book club for manga readers! I think this could be a great way for publishers to encourage readers to stick with anthologies and buy their favorite series again in collected form.

Lots of bloggers do weekly looks at what's coming out at the comic shops, but one of my favorites is the one Kevin Melrose and Chris Mautner do over at Blog@Newsarama. They always feature plenty of amusing commentary, and they usually remind me of something interesting that I would have otherwise overlooked. This week looks like an especially good one, with new volumes of several of my favorite manga series: Banya The Explosive Delivery Man Vol. 4! Death Note Vol. 12!! Yotsuba&! Vol. 4?!??!?

This might seem like a cheat (since some will complain it's negative), but Tom Spurgeon's droll descriptions of superhero comics ("Civil War, with superheroes on two sides punching each other .... World War Hulk, where the Hulk punches people regardless of side") always make me smile.

* I suspect these critics really mean the superhero comics blogosphere has been too negative lately, because most of the comic blogs I read are fairly positive. But then again most of the comic blogs I read focus on manga and indie comics and the bloggers there generally buy and read comics they expect to like, not just comics featuring the characters they've always collected.

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