Sporadic Sequential
Sunday, June 03, 2007
Five Great Moments from Curses

AKA, "Five Reasons To Buy Curses":*

The Horror of Unexpected Traveling Companions!

Man's Love/Hate Relationship with Nature!

The Miracles of Modern Medicine!

Action-Packed Theology!

Handy Reference Guide to the Hierarchy of Evil!

All images from Kevin Huizenga's wonderful Curses, available in a lovely hardcover from the fine folks at Drawn & Quarterly.

* Really, I could just scan in the entire book and call this post "148 Reasons To Buy Curses." For more reasons to buy this excellent work, check out Dirk Deppey's thoughtful review. And when you're finally ready to buy it, remember that it's available for only $11.66 $9.33 (58% off!) at Deep Discount with coupon code SUPERSALE through June 16th. [Code no longer seems to be working as of 6/5.]