Sporadic Sequential
Friday, June 01, 2007
"I'm Also Sorry Some People Have Chosen To See The Image of a Black Man Set on Fire as Problematic or Racially Insensitive."

Quesada to any reasonable person upset or annoyed by the god-awful Heroes for Hire #13 cover: "I haven't even begun to dig myself into this hole yet!"

Seriously, Joe, at this point you're better off just shutting up and not saying anything at all because any time you do address a concern you only make matters worse. Bonus Manstream points for (1) playing the "I'm a minority" card and (2) managing to apply the idiotic "equitable treatment = special rights" fallacy to fictional characters.

Also amusing: I knew Newsarama had no professional or journalistic standards to speak of (witness the typos and mangled syntax throughout the piece), but even I was surprised by the interviewer's interjection of outright disdain for one side's position in the following question (emphasis added; awkward phrasing from the original):
Despite your (Marvel’s) intentions or lack thereof in regards to the now infamous Heroes for Hire #13 cover, which last week you made clear was not or intended to suggest “tentacle rape” [groan]
Way to remain neutral and present both sides of the issue, Newsarama!

UPDATE: As usual, Resplendent Beard manages to get the point across better with only a couple sarcastic lines: "He's right, you know--seems like every week poor Spidey's getting spikey tentacles jammed up his butt. YOU GUYS ARE JUST TOO SENSITIVE."