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Tuesday, June 05, 2007
Naruto A Priori

I stopped by Barnes & Noble tonight to pick up the debut issue of Otaku USA (whose website finally went live well, the main page and the all-important "Subscribe!" page, at least; other sections are still "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" at the moment). I haven't had a chance to read it yet, although flipping through it, it does look nice (and I was surprised to see not only an ad for Gon in the magazine but an actual preview pages as well wow, DC is finally starting to advertise their manga line?), but I did want to share this anecdote:

I took my two-year old daughter with me, and she was quiet as we browsed through the magazine section. I'd finally just spotted Otaku USA (way in the back behind a bunch of other anime and manga magazines) when my daughter got really excited. She was pointing at the latest issue of Shonen Jump, whose cover featured a big close-up of Naruto, and saying: "This! I want this!" Now, she's never seen an episode of Naruto (we don't have cable), and I've never seen any other kids around her wearing any Naruto apparel, so I was surprised by the strength of her request. Her reaction seemed instinctual, almost primal. Which led me to wonder: What the heck is Naruto's secret and how can I as a parent tap into it? Also: Is Viz's "Naruto Nation" campaign some sort of covert operation to take over the world through unstoppably appealing manga?

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