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Monday, June 25, 2007
Happy Blogiversary To Me

I can't believe I've been doing this blog for a year already. (That's probably because if you measure blog age by the number of posts made, then this blog is still only a couple months old.) But browsing back through the archives, there it is, my first post on this blog back on Sunday, June 25, 2006. That first post was telling, revealing a theme that would come to define this blog: fun ideas that I never got around to developing into actual posts. (In that post it was the notion of comparing the differences between the Sgt. Frog anime and manga; this week I had planned on posting daily content in celebration of the anniversary but that now looks unlikely.)

Still, despite the many, many unpublished drafts clogging my Blogger dashboard, I'm glad that I did start blogging again. There are times where not accomplishing what I'd hoped to adds to my stress level, but overall I'm happy to have an outlet for my sporadic musings about sequential art. So even though my free time is going to become even more limited in less than two weeks (hint: my wife and I have decided it's time to start up the sleep deprivation experiments again), I've decided to keep this blog going intermittently indefinitely. (Apologies in advance for the looming lack of updates.)

Thanks to everyone who read, linked to, or commented on this blog during its first year. Looking back through my archives, I realized that the blogosphere's sense of community (even if it's not always tightly-knit or collegial) is a large part of what keeps me going. My wife often asks me why I spend so much time blogging when I'm not getting paid for it. For me, the reward is in joining the conversation that's taking place. Again, I know people often complain that the tone of the conversation is crass or churlish, but I'm always able to find plenty of enjoyable, engaging material to read. And best of all, it's all free! So I'm happy to provide my own content (what little of it there is) free of charge, and I'm extremely grateful to everyone else who takes time out of their busy day to post material for my amusement -- FOR FREE!!! (Seriously, thanks! You (collectively) rock!!)

And just so this isn't a completely self-indulgent post, here are some scans from the most recent volume of Sgt. Frog (nice way to bring everything full-circle, eh?), which you should all rush out and buy even if it did put David Welsh to sleep.

General creepiness!
(Do I detect a Pinky and the Brain allusion?)

Yakitate!! Japan parody!
(I won't spoil the great visual pun on manga baking competitions.)

Fun with household chores!
(Likewise, I won't spoil the source being parodied/homaged in this episode.
A big part of the fun is realizing what manga-ka Mine Yoshizaki is referencing.)

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