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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
And Now, A Bit of Negativity To Cleanse the Palate

Found in the comments section of Mike Sterling's post soliciting reader feedback on what they'd like to see more / less of in their comics*:
1)Variety. Most of my comics ordered nowadays are from the big 2. How about some variety like back in the 80s when the direct market was new and the possibilities were endless.
Hmm, this is like one of those brain teasers where the solution is contained somewhere within the problem itself, isn't it?

(For more discussion of this topic, see Mike's two follow-up posts and respective comment threads where he analyzes and reacts to what commenters wrote, although it does get a little depressing reading just how much dissatisfaction fans of superhero comics subject themselves to.)

* I feel like I should have some little macro that will replace comics with superhero comics so I don't have to type out little notes like this every time I run across someone conflating the two. (Not that Mike was in his original post, but that's pretty much how respondents seem to have interpreted the questions.)

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