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Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Hot Online Monkey Sex

Over at Manga Xanadu, Lori Henderson praises Viz's recent forays into digital distribution of content. Like Lori, I think Viz has done a nice job of putting together their online manga reader. I know some are critical of the Flash interface, but I find it unobtrusive and smooth. Best of all, the art and lettering stays crisp and readable no matter how I resize the viewer (something that doesn't work very well on other companies' online offerings, such as Marvel's digital comics, which always look jagged and rough no matter what resolution I view them in). I also like that Viz's viewer allows you to use the left and right arrow keys to navigate through their manga.

In other online manga news, Top Shelf is offering a 22-page preview of Love's Bride, a Yoshihiro Tatsumi story that will be appearing in the upcoming Ax anthology. It's more of a straight-forward, old school presentation, meaning it's a series of static images that you can't resize rather than a dynamic Flash viewer (which some people will prefer but I dislike, especially when trying to read on my laptop). And the preview cuts off midstory, so we never get to see the pathetically lonely loser put the brassiere and panties on the female monkey he busted out of the zoo and have sex with it. (Man, and I thought the sex scene with Lassie in Abandon the Old in Tokyo was disturbing.)

There are no losers like Tatsumi losers.

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