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Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Spider-Man J Follow-Up: A Question, An Anecdote, and An Addendum

Question: Does anyone know how long Spider-Man J ran in Japan? It looks like Marvel only published nine chapters of the series in Spider-Man Family (vol. 2), which was relaunched as Amazing Spider-Man Family, but without Spider-Man J. Six of those chapters were collected in the Spider-Man J paperback, but I'm eager to get more, especially chapter nine, which according to SpiderFan.org features the manga versions of the Fantastic Four:

[image from SpiderFan.org]

I'm hoping that the title and the silhouette on the left mean we'd be also treated to the manga version of Dr. Doom. (And I'm guessing that's Mr. Benjamin J. Grimm's profile on the right.)

Anecdote: My three year old daughter saw the Spider-Man J paperback, exclaimed "Baby Spider-Man!," and snatched it to read it in her room. Since she added it to her own book collection, I'm assuming she liked it.

Addendum: I forgot I had Spider-Man Family #7, which has another installment of Spider-Man J. In it, we learn that Spidey-J's spider-sense goes beyond mild precognition and telepathy: it also gives Spidey the power of Super-Emo-Empathy!!

Soon Spidey's spider-sense will allow him to bend spoons with his mind and levitate X-wing fighters. I'm assuming chapter #12 of Spider-Man J would guest star the J-X-Men, be titled "Spider-Phoenix," and detail Spidey's struggle to weild his godlike powers responsibly.

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