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Sunday, August 03, 2008
If I'd Read The Paper, I Might Have Gone To This

So it turns out that Jim Lee was in my neck of the woods for a store signing yesterday but I only learned about it today. I'm not sure I would have gone even if I had known about it beforehand -- I don't think I even own anything of Jim Lee's for him to sign -- but it might have been fun just to take in the spectacle of the event. (I wonder if the shop will post any pictures from the event? I couldn't even find any mention of the Lee signing on their site, so perhaps a photo gallery is unlikely.) Anyway, I thought this exchange from the Star Tribune's brief interview was interesting:
Q What do your kids ask you to draw for them?

A My kids love Japanese manga. [But when I draw it] they say "Their eyes are too small, the jaws are too big." They love those gigantic eyes. But they've read some of the classics, like old DC and X-Men, and they've read some of my work. But they really love manga.
Hey, that's right! As head honcho of WildStorm, Lee is also the man behind CMX! (The publication page of CMX manga lists Lee as "Editorial Director," but he gets top billing.) Is this the Secret Origin of why DC got into the manga business? So Lee could say that his kids enjoy something his company publishes?

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