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Monday, July 28, 2008
And Now, A Comic-Con Story You Won't Find on Newsarama

In response to my post wondering if comics faced any resistance in getting on library shelves, commenter ND pointed out this story on NPR discussing how librarians went to Comic-Con in search of manga. The write-up on the NPR website is good, but make sure to listen to the audio broadcast as well, as it has some interesting segments not transcribed in the article. Among them:
  • A librarian mentions that she's at the Dark Horse booth looking for two manga series (one manhwa, one manga) in particular, Bride of the Water God and Translucent
  • NPR journalist Beth Accomando mentions Fruits Basket and gives a quick summary of the series' plot
Actually, I'd recommend listening to the audio clip first, as both the article and the audio have the same closing anecdote, but it packs much more punch when you hear it delivered.

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