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Thursday, July 17, 2008
Whatever Happend To: Shawn Fumo?

Reading through the comments of some of my old posts at Grotesque Anatomy last night, I was reminded of how much I used to enjoy it whenever Shawn Fumo would show up in the comments and post some insightful thought. Which led me to wonder, Whatever Happened to Shawn Fumo? He used to be a regular in the manga-themed blogosphere, but then he fell off the face of the Internet. His blog Worlds Within Worlds was last updated on Saturday, September 23, 2006. Googling his name, it turns out he has a personal Wiki page up, which has this brief message:
My name is Shawn Fumo and I currently work as the lead programmer at Veritech Corp. in East Longmeadow. I do primarily web development, but am knowledgeable in many areas of multimedia creation. In my spare time, I'm involved in the yo-yo community. This is just a temporary homepage until I can get something a little bit nicer up. The classic case of the cleaner whose own house is a mess.
And based on the links, it does look like he's still very involved with yo-yoing, his other great pasttime/passion besides manga.

So Shawn, if you're out there reading this, I'll implore you as I did once before: Your hobby needs you once again. Will you heed her call?

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