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Thursday, July 03, 2008
I Have A (Fever) Dream

Since everyone is offering their speculation on what Kodansha's entry into the U.S. manga market will mean, I suppose I should share my opinion.

Kodansha will totally dominate the market, through an unbeatable combination of savvy business sense and sheer force of will. Representatives of Kodansha will do whatever it takes to ensure that their manga succeeds in the U.S. They will stand on the street corners of busy shopping districts hawking their wares. They will tinker with every aspect of the books, searching for just the right ink and paper to optimize production quality while maintaining a competitive price. They will personally come into customers' homes to explain confusing plot points, help newcomers read right-to-left, and repair broken bindings. In short, Kodansha will settle for nothing less than being The Number One Manga Publisher in The West!

The best part of all this is that once Kodansha has established itself as the Top Manga Publisher in the U.S., it will put out a business manga chronicling its rise to the top, detailing the many obstacles and challenges it had to face in order to achieve its goal. And that manga will immediately shoot to the number one spot on all sales charts.

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