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Saturday, July 26, 2008
Cool Things To Look At If You're Tired Of Hearing About SDCC

Like Brigid Alverson, I'm stuck at home while everyone else in the blogosphere is at SDCC. Unlike Brigid, however, I'm not even enjoying myself by reading lots and lots of manga; instead, I'm stuck working on a project that won't end.* But in between testing various reports, I'm still checking my feed reader and I noticed this post from the VIZBlog showcasing the VIZ headquarters, which is located in an old movie theater. Pretty neat! Check out the post for more pictures of what looks like a very cool work environment.

And in other VIZ news, it turns out there's a dedicated Takehiko Inoue subsite which at the moment is focused on Real and includes a 25-page preview of the first chapter. Check it out and marvel at Inoue's breathtaking artwork!!!

But if you do feel like reading some of the news out of SDCC, here's an announcement that's pretty exciting. Heck, the future of manga is starting to look positively rosy these days!

UPDATE: Viz is also making the first episode of Death Note available for free on iTunes with coupon code 9XTXXEXKLPHL through 12/31/2008.

* I know, I know: What a lousy way to celebrate Bleach Day. If anyone attending SDCC is reading this, could you do me a big favor? If you happen to see Tite Kubo, could you give him a big hug from me and tell him I'm sorry I couldn't be there to stalk meet him in person? Thanks!!

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