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Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Shopping Dilemma of The Day

After reading Deb Aoki's excellent overview of the Chip Kidd Bat-Manga! panel, I'm more excited than ever about this book. The only problem is deciding which version to buy: the $30 softcover or the "limited edition" $60 hardcover with thirty-two extra pages of material. If all the bonus material is as great as this wonderfully goofy image, a sample from Chinese Batman comics that will only be included in the hardcover, I may have to break down and shell out the extra thirty bucks for the upscale edition.

Holy Spot the Cameos, Batman!
Can you find The Trickster, J'onn J'onzz,
Robotman, Hawkman, Dick Tracy, and Bat Boy?

[image from Deb Aoki]

Either way, though, I'm sure this book will be enjoyable. I mean, how can you go wrong when Batman is wielding bazookas and ray guns while fighting villains with names like "Lord Death Man"?

UPDATE: I wimped out and ordered the softcover. I just couldn't justify spending the extra moolah on what amounted to a floppy's worth of extra material. Plus, I was able to add Bleach SOULs (the official Bleach character book, with "bonus manga and the original Bleach one-shot") and Magic Trixie to my order for less than the price of the hardcover.

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