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Friday, July 27, 2007
Today The Manga Gods Have Smiled Down Upon Me

Just received an email alert from Viz about some exciting changes coming up in Shonen Jump. Most exciting for me is word that SLAM DUNK WILL FINALLY BE RELEASED starting next year (no exact date provided)! Prior to that, the first chapter of Slam Dunk will be previewed in the December 2007 issue of Shonen Jump.

Also interesting: Bleach will now first be serialized in Shonen Jump before it's collected in TPB. I'm not sure how this will affect the release schedule for the Bleach TPBs, since they had been coming out every two to three months but now it'll first be serialized monthly in SJ, which I would think would slow down the release schedule if the material is really supposed to appear in SJ first. Further confusing the matter, the story content debuting in the November 2007 issue of SJ ("our heroes, led by Ichigo, leave the Soul Society behind") is the same as what's listed for Bleach Vol. 21 ("Ichigo and his friends return to the World of the Living"), and they're both scheduled to go on sale the exact same date October 2, 2007.

Oh well, it'll all be sorted out soon enough. And for me, the promise that "every one of Kubo-sensei's original color pages will be presented in full color" in the SJ serialization is enough to tempt me to consider subscribing to SJ again.

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