Sporadic Sequential
Monday, February 12, 2007
Marvel Knights Poetry Corner

Courtesy of Graeme McMillan and the comic blogosphere's poet laureate Ed Cunard comes this touching poem about love and mortality in the Marvel Universe:

Parker Dreams

Oh God, I'm
sorry! The doctors
didn't understand how
happened! How you
had been poisoned
by radioactivity!
How your body
became riddled
with cancer!

I did.
I was...
I am
filled with
radioactive blood.
And not just blood.
Every fluid.
Touching me...
loving me ...
Loving me killed you!

Like a spider, crawling up
inside your body
and laying
a thousand eggs
of cancer...

I killed you.

[Original text by Kaare Andrews]

As Anton Chekhov once noted, ""If you're going to show a penis in book one, it'd better go off by book three."