Sporadic Sequential
Monday, January 29, 2007
Things That Made Me Happy Today

Finding out I could order Taschen's Manga Design book new (still shrink-wrapped with the DVD included) via Amazon Marketplace for only $3.50! (I remember seeing this gorgeous-looking book at Half Price Books several times and always meant to pick it up but waited too long for the price to drop. Now I get it for only seven bucks including shipping!)

Reading the webcomic Sinfest (especially the episodes where God communicates via a stereotypical French artist hand puppet). [Thanks to Dirk for pointing out this strip.]

Learning about the adorable-looking The Little Book of Hindu Deities (via Newsarama). And it's available at my library, even! (And like creator Sanjay Patel, I'm awfully fond of children's books, too. Some of my (and my daughter's) recent favorites include: Hug, 10 Minutes till Bedtime, and Good Night, Gorilla.)

Receiving my latest order from Barnes & Noble, which included the latest volume of Bleach, Oh My Goddess! Volume 24, and the ridiculously long-titled Showcase Presents: The Brave & The Bold -- The Batman Team-Ups Volume 1. (I know I said I was going to cut back on these superhero reprint collections, but — as Chris Sims frequently says — because Bob Haney, that's why!)

Oddly enough, reading the online preview of Blue Beetle #11: Attractive art, fun dialogue (the "Alien pervert!" "Insolent azure whelp!" exchange made me laugh), and an appearance by Metron. (I've always been a sucker for Metron.) The only thing that made me cringe were some lines that I took as references to one or more of DC's mega-crossovers. Can anyone tell me: Is Blue Beetle any good? Is is relatively continuity- and crossover-free? (I see that there's a TPB collecting the first six issues, but the description makes it sound like the new Beetle spun out of Day of Vengeance and/or Infinite Crisis, which makes a bit leery about checking this series out.)