Sporadic Sequential
Friday, January 12, 2007
How To Get Me To Buy Civil War

While seemingly everyone else in the industry is enamoured with the success of Marvel's Civil War crossover*, I've been only all too eager to avoid it based on the snippets and snark I've seen floating around the blogosphere.

That said, I would totally buy a TPB collection of Cyrus' and Christopher Bird's spoofs of Civil War (especially if they went back and remixed the earlier issues as well). And for extras, they could throw in those brilliant "Get Your Civil War On!" mash-up strips from Spencer Carnage.

I wonder if Marvel would ever, ever, ever in a million years consider publishing something like this. On the one hand, Marvel has seemed to have a sense of humor about its own books in the past, publishing series such as Not Brand Ecch and What The--?! (and if I remember correctly, even Mark Millar has said he's enjoyed some of these CW parodies). On the other hand, this is content created (remixed) by readers, not insiders, and it's not the most flattering take on the original material. Plus, Marvel might worry that publishing it would send the message that they're OK with such reworkings, thus opening the floodgates for countless send-ups. Still, I think it'd be an interesting move on Marvel's part, and one that might somewhat endear the publisher to a blogosphere that's generally critical of them.

* How odd it is to see all these other companies complimenting Marvel for putting out a line-wide crossover that's likely cannibalizing at least some of said other companies' sales? And how unsurprising is it to see Marvel fail to act graciously and return the compliment by pointing out someone else's successes?