Sporadic Sequential
Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Bargain Fantagraphics Books

Barnes & Noble is having a big holiday clearance sale, with savings of 50% or more. The Graphic Novels & Comic Books section isn't that large, but I did manage to find a number of great bargains on Fantagraphics books:
All of those were $5 apiece, except for the Chicken Fat book, which was only two bucks!

Plus, spend $40 or more on your MasterCard and you get $10 off.

UPDATE: Looks like I was too quick on the draw in placing my order. Turns out there were other good graphic novels buried elsewhere, including The Clouds Above, Last Lonely Saturday, Clyde Fans, and MOME volumes One and Two.

GODDAMMIT, BARNES & NOBLE, WOULD IT KILL YOU TO ORGANIZE YOUR CLEARANCE BOOKS INTO THE CORRECT CATEGORIES???? Browsing around even more, I found several other comics on clearance that weren't listed in the graphic novels clearance section: The Chuckling Whatsit, Mad Night, El Borbah, Pussey!, Billy Hazelnuts, Fred the Clown, Monologues for the Coming Plague, Anywhere But Here, The Kid Firechief, Chewing Gum in Church, and several of the Barnes & Noble editions of Marvel Masterworks. Heck, there's even manga on clearance. Needless to say, I just placed a second order.