Sporadic Sequential
Friday, December 22, 2006
Have Yourself A Keroro Little Christmas

None of the images are as memorable as my favorite holiday greeting ever from the manga, but here are some festive holiday screen captures from the Keroro Gunso anime episode (#39) where Keroro discovers Christmas:

Keroro searches for the true meaning of Christmas -- presents!

Meanwhile, back at the Hinata household, friends and family gather to celebrate the holiday.

What the--? I thought Keroro was trying to find Santa, not fill in for him.

Is this some evil invasion scheme cooked up by Keroro?

Wait, what's this? Keroro is giving that gift to small, adorable children? Is it some sort of evil alien torture device?

Awww -- it turns out that, like that other green-hued humbug, Keroro is powerless before the power of cute kids on Christmas.

In other Keroro-related Christmas news, I want to send out a very special thank you to the wonderful Jeff Lester for sending me such an amazingly thoughtful and generous gift. That's right, it's...


The only downside of Jeff's thoughtful gesture is that after putting this one model together, I'm already scouring the net looking for more Keroro sets to assemble. (I never understood the appeal of "Gunpla" before, but after putting one together, I am strangely hooked. I think it's partly a factor of being impressed with the ingenuity behind the designs of these model kits. More than once while assembling Afro Gunso, I found myself wondering, "How the heck did they ever make this stuff so it's all so small and mass-produced, yet it still all fits together?!?")

For more photos (including full scans of the instructions) visit here. (And, yes, I know I look like a dork.)

For more Keroro kits and other collectibles, visit here. (And here's another site that has a bigger image of the box cover.)

Ah, what the heck -- here's that image of my favorite holiday greeting again:

Happy Holidays, everyone! See you in hell!!