Sporadic Sequential
Thursday, November 16, 2006
Only In Comics...

From Wizard's "Man of the Year" piece (via Tom):
Quesada’s counterattack of Civil War, character revamps and new talent cemented the 43-year-old as one of the most dangerously original, versatile, perplexing and daring EICs in comic book history, as well as the single most influential, creative, vocal and important voice in comics this year. [emphasis added]
Really? In a year that saw a graphic novel being nominated for a National Book Award? A year that saw the continued expansion of manga and graphic novels in bookstores and libraries? A year that saw manga continuing to dominate book sales lists? A year that saw other publishers actually reaching out to young readers?

I know, I know: it's Wizard; what else was I expecting? But it's still stupid, short-sighted, and annoying. If they'd even bothered to qualify that statement as "the single most influential, creative, vocal and important voice indirectly direct-market-sales-boosting executive in superhero comics this year" it wouldn't be as irritating; but of course, for Wizard superhero comics are comics, so no distinction is necessary.

Choosing Quesada as comics "Man of the Year" (not "Person of the Year"? I guess creators like Alison Bechdel were never even in the running) just for saying "we need another 'event' in between events A and B!" is like nominating the new Bond movie for an Oscar just because this time Bond has blond hair.