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Thursday, June 04, 2009
This Will All End In Tears, Won't It?

Continuing to track the ongoing issues plauging Nexus, here's the latest update via email (couldn't find it anywhere on Rude's sites):
We just received word from TransContinental (our printer in Canada) that Nexus: As it Happened V1 is printed, boxed, and ready to ship, but they want payment in full before they'll ship. We're $2,200 short so Steve dug up some more pages. We're also $4,000 behind on mortgage, so we're making an open offer to anyone interested in making a reasonable offer on any of the paintings that we currently have for sale.
Ah, crap. So the book is ready to ship to stores but first the publisher needs to be paid in full. And the Rudes are short the cash, so they're putting up even more of Rude's original artwork to help raise the money (not just so they can pay to get the book out to comic shops but also so they can pay their mortgage, which they're behind on). Unfortunately, this raises the possibility that the book will miss its scheduled release date of 6/16 (6/17?) despite everything the Rudes have done to get it out on time. I guess this is what Jaynelle meant when she said the low order numbers (1,200) didn't even cover the costs of printing the book.

Man, this just depresses me. I don't mean to turn this blog into a full-time fundraiser for Steve Rude, but if you can afford to help out, check out the paintings and other merchandise at his online store. Rude is also offering several new pages from Nexus: Wages of Sin #1 for pre-sale before he puts them up on his eBay store for auction later today.

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