Sporadic Sequential
Tuesday, October 28, 2008
The Batman of the Future from the Past

I was hoping to say more about the utterly awesome Bat-Manga! book from Pantheon (so awesome it even gets a short mention in The New Yorker), but I'm short on time. So for now I'd just like to share one of the many interesting revelations from this engrossing volume:

The manga version of Batman was so ahead of its time that it came up with the look for Batman Beyond three decades before that show debuted!

Also: The Weather Wizard would have been a much more memorable villain if he'd gone by his Japanese name, Go-Go The Magician.

Also also: Professor Gorilla has to be the sensational character find of this or any other year. It's like something out of a Grant Morrison issue of Animal Man. (Can you imagine if Morrison had used his Batman run to introduce wild, imaginative characters like Professor Gorilla to Batman's rogue gallery instead of doing whatever the heck it is he's doing with "Batman R.I.P." and all the bleak storylines?)

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