Sporadic Sequential
Thursday, August 31, 2006
Stealing A Page From The Mark Millar Playbook

OK, this will be my final post on Tokyopop's online exclusives, I promise.*

Given the way this is playing out, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that at least one title currently being offered exclusively through Tokyopop's website will never see print. When the low pre-orders come in, Tokyopop will quietly remove that title from its site and pretend the whole thing never happened. (If Tokyopop is contractually obligated to publish the work in some format, it will then become a true online exclusive, available for viewing on the Tokyopop site as a webcomic.)

So here's the current list of online exclusives in case it changes at some later date:

November 2006
Atomic King Daidogan, volume 1
One, volume 10
Neck and Neck, volume 6

December 2006
Heaven Above Heaven, volume 6

February 2007
Heaven!!, volume 1
Sorcerer Hunters Authentic Relaunch, volume 8

March 2007
Arm of Kannon, volume 9
Rure, volume 1
Soul to Seoul, volume 5

April 2007
King City, volume 1
Dragon Head, volume 6
Dragon Voice, volume 8
Short Sunzen, volume 1

May 2007
The Knockout Makers, volume 1
St. Lunatic School (Yoru nimo Makezu! St. Lunatic School), volume 1

July 2007
Atelier Marie and Elie-Zarlburge Alchemist, volume 1
Monochrome Factor, volume 1

August 2007
Hiyoko ya Shoten, volume 1

* For this week, at least.

** If I'm wrong about this, I'll not only buy and read a Mark Millar comic but also post a positive review of it, no matter what I really think of it.