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Saturday, August 26, 2006
EW on Joann and Jason

(And Graphic Novels In General)
In the "Listen To This" supplement of the latest Entertainment Weekly (#894, cover dated September 1, 2006), First Second's Kelzmer gets a short but glowing write-up. (EW.com doesn't seem to archive content from "Listen To This," so I've scanned the full review on the left.) Based on Joann Sfar's other works (particularly The Rabbi's Cat and Vampire Loves), I'm really looking forward to Klezmer. (And the Hardcover Deluxe Collector's Edition is available from Amazon for only $16.50!)

Back in the regular magazine, Jason's The Left Bank Gang is listed under the books section of September's "The A List" (works that received a grade of A- or better in the month of August). The full review (from 8/11/06) is available here.

And digging around on EW's site, I realized you can search for comic book / graphic novel news and reviews by publisher, so here are links to EW's comic coverage broken out by publisher:

ADV Manga Dark Horse DC
Drawn & Quarterly Fantagraphics First Second
IDW Image Marvel
Oni PressPantheonViz

There are also a number of comic book reviews that don't have a publisher listed for whatever reason (for example, the Battle Royale manga is reviewed, but it's categorized under "ADAPTATION - Battle Royale (Movies) (2000)"; and searching for "Tokyopop" turns up no results), so be sure to browse through the general graphic novels category to see if there are any other comics reviews that might interest you.