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Wednesday, December 17, 2008
Sixty Percent Off and Free Shipping

While you're doing your holiday shopping online, why not treat yourself to some bargain graphic novels? Here are some great deals I noticed at two different stores today:

First, BookCloseouts.com has a huge selection of Tokyopop graphic novels on sale for 60% off, and if you order $35+ shipping is free. How huge is the selection of Tokyopop books? Searching by publisher = Tokyopop returns an astonishing 819 results! Combined with news of layoffs, this doesn't look good for Tokyopop. But it's good for you if you're looking for bargains! May I recommend something in space-faring amphibian conqueror comedy? BookCloseouts has eleven volumes of Sgt. Frog available for $4 each.

Getting the free shipping (US and Canada only) is a little tricky: It requires not only a coupon code but a coupon password as well. Enter the following info on the cart page and standard shipping should show up as $0.00 on the order page:
* Coupon Number: freeshipping
* Coupon Password: bookcloseouts.com
Next, TFAW has upped the discount on its nick and dent section to 60%, and there are currently 56 pages of great graphic novel bargains to choose from. That's a lot of material to browse through (1674 items!), mainly from Dark Horse and Marvel (so that's what's happening to all of those "Premiere Edition" hardcovers!), but remember that you can filter your selection by publisher to narrow things down. Here are some recommended books to get you started:
To get the free shipping, you once again have to spend at least $35 and enter coupon code MISTLETOE (expires 12/31/08). [The free shipping offer is only good for orders in the US, but coupon code BLIZZARD is good for $10 off all forms of shipping, including international.]

I won't list everything I bought from the two stores, but I will mention that I did pick up a certain infamous Harvey-nominated manga collection for only eight bucks. (Looks like it's since sold out. Just goes to show that quality books like that will sell like hotcakes if the price is right!) Actually, a lot of the stuff I ordered earlier today has since sold out. But a new item has appeared on the list that will probably appeal to lots of comics readers: The Absolute Sandman HC Vol. 1 for only $40!

Happy bargain hunting!

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