Sporadic Sequential
Friday, April 13, 2007
Dark Horse's Spring Break

I can see that tracking ComicList is going to become a new obsession of mine, at least until the items I optimistically pre-ordered arrive. I've been checking in every week to see what the updated release dates for Akira Club (originally solicited to come out 3/7) and Mail Volume 3 (2/21) are. For several weeks Dark Horse was just bumping out the release date by a week each week, but now most books have been pushed out another two full weeks, so items that had already been rescheduled for 4/18 have now been further delayed til 5/2. (And I'm sure once that date rolls around, there'll be another round of reschedules.)

Oh well, I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that Dark Horse books will always ship late, so they'll come out when they come out. And in the meantime I can read other books I'm behind on, like the library copy of Ode to Kirihito that's been sitting by my bed for weeks now.