Sporadic Sequential
Sunday, April 01, 2007
Printable Curmudgeon

Kevin Melrose already mentioned this over a week ago, but I'm slow in my shopping. Blogger David Welsh recently saw his work published in Print magazine with a nice overview on manhwa, or Korean comics. It's a well-done piece that covers all the bases, with plenty of high-quality images to illustrate the works being discussed. Congrats to David on seeing his work in print!

And as Kevin points out, there's plenty of other interesting material to justify the purchase of this pricey mag ($12.95), including a profile of R. Kikuo Johnson; an article about Friends With You (an "art and design entity" that, among other things, produces toys influenced by Japanese playthings); and ads for more design software and services than I ever knew existed.

UPDATE: David's piece is now online at BusinessWeek.com.