Sporadic Sequential
Thursday, September 21, 2006
Rude Thoughts on Toth Rudeness

After seeing several sources link to this Alex Toth critique of Steve Rude's work on an old Johnny Quest comic, I thought people might be interested to see Rude's reply, which starts with "[H]e was so wrong with some of the things that he brought up. There was something that I actually had a lot of help on the research that went into those eight pages, and Alex was actually completely ignorant of what I was drawing." and goes from there. Taken from his interview in TwoMorrows' Draw #11:
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I haven't yet read Toth's full critique, but criticizing Rude's work on this book strikes me as odd for two reasons: (1) Rude has never been one to skimp on research or reference material; and (2) I don't recall those old Johnny Quest cartoons as being especially authentic when it came to things like locales and technology.

UPDATE 9/22: Heidi MacDonald has a fresh response from The Dude himself over at The Beat.